The answer is Glasgow

COP26, which will convene in November 2021, will be taking place in Scotland. Although it is convention that COP should be rotated across global regions so that no groups of countries are disadvantaged, COP26 will be held in Europe for the third time in a row. The repeat in region is likely because of Chile’s last minute withdrawal from hosting the Conference. However, last year, Chile was still the president of the Conference. This meant that Chile was able to define the main themes of negotiation and also chair the conference.

Some contend that high travel costs and obstacles to obtain visas makes access to COP more difficult for the Global South, not necessarily for government delegations, but for civil society actors such as indigenous groups and local activist organisations, who also deserve a say in climate negotiations. Climate change cannot be divorced from issues of justice. How effective solutions can be designed to promote both sustainability and equity is a challenge facing negotiators in the new decade.