About Us

We will ensure an inclusive process that seeks to connect sectors and build coalitions for change. We will tap the best minds from the wider community in Hong Kong and globally. It will not compete with but rather strengthen the existing government and academic efforts and leverage their successes. To do so, we will convene the following stakeholder groups:


Civic Exchange, World Resources Institute (WRI), ADM Capital Foundation and RS Group are leading “Hong Kong 2050 Is Now”, which seeks to support Hong Kong’s transition towards carbon neutrality.

We aim to align diverse HK climate action, from policy to education to media and community engagement, all underpinned by sound evidence-based research.

Activities in Hong Kong have begun with data collection, analysis and scenario modelling.


Policy change must be achieved also with community support. A broad platform will serve to educate and inform HK about climate change as it relates directly to their lives. This is web based, includes direct outreach to varied communities, social media outreach, visualizations about how we would live in a de-carbonized HK and what that would mean in terms of a better quality of life.

This platform will also include Scope 3 emissions given that in Hong Kong, as an island importer, we are over-consumers of everything, from travel, to food to water, to clothing. Indeed, public education is a critical component of how we intend to build HK2050 is Now, leading to broader understanding of the issues and forming the basis for action.

An Advisory Group will provide high-level strategic advice to the project. They will also play an important role to convey the study results to the relevant policy makers



A greener, cleaner, more-liveable Hong Kong with minimal pollution, readily available public transport, zero-carbon-emission vehicles, electricity is from zero sources, efficient buildings and healthy low-carbon lifestyles.


The HK2050isNow Platform is a collective vision for a decarbonized and sustainable Hong Kong by 2050, highlighting opportunities and mobilizing action today to realize our vision.


#Educate and #Engage the public on the risks and opportunities facing Hong Kong in an age of climate crisis, based on rigorous scientific and policy #Research.

#Encourage personal, corporate and government #Action to be undertaken now in combating the climate crisis, including personal lifestyle, business best practice, and regulatory #Change.

#Aggregate the efforts of stakeholders working towards the vision of a Net-Zero carbon Hong Kong, #Leveraging existing grassroot and community movements to further #Catalyze their impact.