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TEDxCivic Exchange Launches a Series of Virtual Gatherings, Championing Climate Solutions for Hong Kong


14 October 2020, Hong KongTEDxCivic Exchange (TEDxCEx), a series of virtual gatherings to discuss climate solutions for Hong Kong kicks off today. The independently organized event is part of TEDxCountdown, a global initiative to champion and accelerate solutions to the climate crisis, turning ideas into action.

“The IPCC has urged we do not exceed 1.5°C of warming above pre-industrial levels globally to prevent irreversible climate catastrophe,” said Lawrence Iu, co-organizer of TEDxCEx and Project Lead of HK2050isNow, “We are at 1.1 degrees and heading to a world that will warm by 4-5 degrees. We urgently need a collective vision for a green and just transition for our society.”

Co-organized by Civic Exchange, HKUST Entrepreneurship Center, and SUSTAINHK, TEDxCEx will introduce Hong Kong and APAC community efforts towards a low carbon city via a series of online gatherings that include presentations, panel discussions, and case studies.

“We’re honoured to host this platform for young leaders to champion and showcase how Hong Kong can provide climate solutions,” said Fiona Lau, a co-organizer of TEDxCEx and Programme Manager of HK2050isNow. “Our theme is ‘Our Time is Now for Climate Action’ because our Countdown to a better future starts now.”

The organizing team aims to inspire systemic solutions to the climate crisis, providing a platform for policymakers, business and civil society to collectively launch Hong Kong’s pathway to achieve climate neutrality.

“With green lifestyles and sustainable consumption becoming more mainstream, we are excited to shine the spotlight on the people working behind the scenes to make Hong Kong more sustainable as a city: policymakers, business leaders and entrepreneurs,” said Vince Siu, co-organizer of TEDxCEx and co-founder of SUSTAINHK. “Our lineup of speakers will reflect the diverse and inclusive nature of the sustainability landscape,” Vince added.

Kicking off on 14 October, TEDxCEx will explore the idea of an “Asian Green New Deal” bringing together international policy experts to discuss the possibility of a climate- centred economy for Asia.

“Re-imagining a More Liveable HK” on 28 October will introduce the audience to current and former government officials as they discuss the strides that our city has made towards a green transition.

In November, “Disrupting Climate Change Now” and “Building a Resilient and Equitable HK” will invite pioneers in startups and civil society, such as Amped Energy, BlueSky, Cobalt Fashion, Eaton HK, Sustenir, V’air, as well as corporate leaders such as Business Environment Council (BEC), KMB, Towngas and more to speak about their effort in building a green economy for Hong Kong.

Media Contact: Fiona Lau, 59637397, [email protected]
For more information about TEDxCEx, please visit: https://www.hk2050isnow.org/event/tedxcivicexchange/

Civic Exchange is Hong Kong’s premier independent think tank focused on the environment. Through in-depth research and promoting dialogue, CEx works to inform policy and engage stakeholders on addressing environmental challenges in Hong Kong and the GBA. CEx is the convenor of HK2050isNow, a platform established to support Hong Kong’s transition towards carbon neutrality.

HKUST Entrepreneurship Center (EC), established in 1999 initially as Entrepreneurship Program, is a center to support innovation and entrepreneurship in the campus. It runs activities and funds to foster an entrepreneurial campus and cultivate a risk-taking value- creation mindset.

SUSTAINHK is the Global Shapers Hong Kong hub’s environmental sustainability project, focusing on climate action through increasing awareness of climate science and best practice sharing between the private and corporate sectors.