Webinar: Sustainable Banking: Now and the Way Forward
#Consumption & Lifestyle, #Green Finance
EVENT DATE: June 26, 2020  

As the financial materiality of environmental and social issues becomes increasingly evident, we need to ensure that our banking system is resilient to environmental and social risks, and harness the power of banks to address sustainability challenges such as climate change.

In light of recent international developments in sustainable banking, it is high time to explore how Hong Kong, and the global financial market, could leverage this momentum to create a more resilient, sustainable future.

Join Our Hong Kong Foundation for this one-hour webinar as their panel of international field experts discusses:

  • The role of banks in addressing sustainability challenges such as climate change
  • The latest developments and trends shaping sustainable banking
  • Key challenges and opportunities for sustainable banking in Hong Kong and around the world
  • Key policy instruments for sustainable banking in the global market and how they are being used

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