SUSTAINHK Climate Talks #2: A Zero-Emissions Hong Kong
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EVENT DATE: March 9, 2020  

Hong Kong is a small city that is well positioned to take a leading role in the global quest to lower carbon emissions, but so far, despite an ongoing presence in international forums, our city has not realized its potential in this arena.

In our partner’s second Climate Talks event, SUSTAINHK is excited to again invite Prof. Robert Gibson of HKUST to give an update on climate science after our first event last August. He will also be sharing key takeaways from the U.N. Climate Change Conference COP25 in December 2019, talking about the UNEP Emissions Gap report, discussing what the negotiations at COP25 achieved, and looking ahead at COP26.

Joining Prof. Gibson will be Lawrence Iu, Associate Researcher at Civic Exchange 思匯政策研究所, a public policy think tank in Hong Kong, and Project Lead for HK2050IsNow. He also attended COP25 and will be sharing not only more about the HK2050IsNow project, its preliminary findings and recommendations, but also his experience as a youth representative from Hong Kong in this global conference.

Following short keynotes from our featured speakers, Alvin Li, Founder and CEO of The Kommon Goods and a Global Shaper with the Hong Kong hub, will be moderating a panel discussion to dive deeper into their respective topics and transitioning into action steps. Alvin spoke about the role of entrepreneurship and business in climate mitigation at COP25.

Join us at Cafe 8 on March 9th for a stimulating discussion pondering Hong Kong’s future as a Zero Net Emission city and our role in the global climate science discourse.


Date: March 9, 2020 (Monday)
Time: 7 – 9 pm (doors open at 6:30 pm)
Venue: Cafe 8, Roof Level, Central Pier No. 8, Hong Kong Maritime Museum, Central



* We encourage all attendees to purchase a drink from the venue, to support the incredible social impact work of Cafe 8 and The Nesbitt Centre.

** Due to the ongoing coronavirus situation in Hong Kong, we will be capping attendance at 40 pax, and we will not be able to let you in if you don’t have an Eventbrite ticket. Please confirm your attendance by reserving a ticket via Eventbrite ( and please show courtesy to the community by canceling your registration ahead of time if will not be able to join us.

*** Due to the ongoing coronavirus situation in Hong Kong, out of respect to your fellow attendees, please wear a mask during the event and do not attend if you are showing signs of illness. The venue may provide hand sanitizer and is free to follow its own health protocols.