Report Launch: “Towards a Better Hong Kong: The Pathway to Net Zero Carbon Emission by 2050”
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EVENT DATE: June 29, 2020  

Civic Exchange joins hands again with World Resource Institute in a study to inform Hong Kong’s pathway towards a low-carbon economy. On 29th June 2020, a HK2050 is Now’s public policy report will be released to highlight the urgency as well as opportunities for Hong Kong to strengthen policy actions.

The report lays out a comprehensive roadmap for Hong Kong to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 90% and outlines the associated challenges, opportunities, and recommendations for the government. The report paves the way for a series of sector-specific studies to substantiate the recommendations.

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What can you expect?

  • A brief overview of the policy paper, panel discussions led by distinguished industry leaders.
  • Groundbreaking climate science updates concerning HK’s future.
  • A chance to contribute to HK’s roadmap to becoming a greener and more liveable city.

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