Climate Crisis Blog Writing Competition!
#Building Efficiency, #Consumption & Lifestyle, #Energy, #Mobility, #Waste
EVENT DATE: March 31, 2020  

We are very excited to announce the launch of our Climate Crisis Blog Writing Competition! The competition is open to all university students from Hong Kong, and all submissions will be released on our website. The winner will be awarded a 2-month internship at Civic Exchange. Get writing now, to reimagine the future of a more sustainable Hong Kong!

Climate Crisis Blog Writing Competition

The Climate Crisis Blog Writing Competition is organised by “Hong Kong 2050 is Now” and is
open to all university students from Hong Kong. We wish to attract students passionate
about using creative writing as a means to address the climate crisis. All of our submissions
will be published onto the blog section of the HK 2050 is Now website. We look forward to
receiving your submissions!

Core topics
• Encouraging the public to live a more sustainable lifestyle;
• Pressuring the government to take action;
• Introducing innovative technology to the commercial sector as a means of tackling climate change.

How to enter
Participants should submit three blog submissions revolving around one out of the threecore topics as described above. Each blog should be between 200 and 300 words. Your entry must be an original piece of writing, written either in English or Traditional Chinese. All three submissions should be combined into one word-processed document and sent to [email protected] by 31st March 2020. You are welcome to insert images, graphics, or any form of multimedia as part of the blog, but be sure to give credit to the original source where it is due.

The winner of the blog writing competition will be offered an 8-week paid internship at the Civic Exchange office during the summer of 2020. We would also be offering 3 volunteer positions as digital interns, who will contribute to blog writing, photography, video and social media for the Hong Kong 2050 is Now project.
Should you have any enquiries, please contact Lauren Chan, Research Assistant of Civic Exchange, at [email protected]

Terms and Conditions
• Entries should be original content and have not been previously published or lifted from other sources. By submitting an entry, entrants warrant that it is original work created by the entrants and dose not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party. Entrants also agree to indemnify Civic Exchange against any claims, judgment, loss, damage and cost resulting from breach of this warranty. Entrants also agree to grant to Civic Exchange, perpetual, exclusive, royalty-free license to copy, edit, publish and use the entry, in whole or in part, and in any way, including for publishing on any material and, at the CEx’s sole discretion, without compensation to the entrant. Rights to edit copy where CEx deems necessary is reserved although entrants will be fully credited.
• Entries should be the work of the submitter and cannot be collaborative or written by a proxy.
• Participants must be enrolled in full-time accredited programmes being provided by local education institutions specified in Schedule 1 to the Minimum Wage Ordinance, or resident in Hong Kong and enrolled in full-time education programmes for nonlocal academic qualification at degree or higher level.
• Participants should be between the ages of 18-25 years at the beginning of internship.
• Eligible to enjoy the right of abode in Hong Kong.
• Participants agree to treat the paid internship as exempt student employment and have at most one such employment in 2020. A statutory declaration verfifying this fact has to be made.
• Entries are only to be submitted in English or Traditional Chinese.
• There is no fee payable to enter the competition.