The 6th International Symposium on Regional Air Quality Management and the 2nd GBA Air Forum
EVENT DATE: October 20, 2020  To  October 21, 2020

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RAQM & Co-control of Ozone & Particulate Matters  - From Science to Policy: Challenges & Solutions Towards Cleaner Air

City lockdowns haveled to a sizable improvement in air quality. And with the easing of COVID-19 pandemic, our social economic and environment conditions would resumeto normal” operations – Air pollution still poses a daily public health threat even though effective measures and stringent air pollution control policies have been promulgated in the jurisdictions that make up the Pearl River Delta region in recent years. Furthermore, elevated ozone levels are greatly affecting the whole region and is posing new threats and challenges to the region, and COVID-19 has brought the world new perspectives on air pollution and public health issues. What have we learned from all these trends and phenomena, and how could we act together to address all these challenges? 

The International Symposium on Regional Air Quality Management in Rapidly Developing Economic Regions (RAQM) is a forum series for science-driven and policy-oriented discussion for improving air quality in economic regions. RAQM pursues the most advanced international and up-to-date knowledge in atmospheric environmental science in the context of improving Chinas national and regional air quality. 

6RAQM – Embarking on a New Milestone for GBA Clean Air Future 

Following the success of the previous five symposiums, 6RAQM aims to foster timely discussions and effective cooperation in order to harness the golden opportunities presented by the GBA Plan. High-level exchanges between scientists, policymakers, environmental experts, and regional and overseas environmental protection stakeholders are expected at 6RAQM. Together, we aim to formulate ambitious programs for the GBA to clean air and improve public health within an aggressive timeline.  

The 2-day 6RAQM online conference will cover the following key topics: 

  1. Regional Air Quality Management – cooperation opportunities among different regions and/or sectors 
  2. The rising photochemical pollution problem and solutions: VOCs, Ozone and fine Particulate Matters 
  3. Source, Transport, and Prediction of Air Pollutants 
  4. Exposure and Health Impact Assessments 
  5. New and emerging issues, including COVID-19 and lessons learned 

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