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According to the UNEP Emissions Gap report, global greenhouse gas emissions need to fall by 7.6% per year between 2020 and 2030 to meet the 1.5 degrees Celsius target as laid out in the Paris Agreement. What can Hong Kong, and the world do to ramp up ambition?

For starters, there needs to be more proactive efforts by countries to set tougher emissions reductions targets under their nationally determined contributions for 2020. Governments need to play the leading role in establishing public ambition and coordinate national policies to meet their targets. Businesses and NGOs can facilitate this progress, by taking the lead in championing sustainability and offering more creative solutions.

Hong Kong 2050 is Now is a collaborative platform that hopes to offer a collective vision for a decarbonised and sustainable Hong Kong. Stay tuned on this platform for more content, and let’s work together to drive change.



Why are annual reductions so important?
A decade ago, if parties had acted on this science, governments would have needed to reduce emissions by 3.3 per cent each year. Now, we need to reduce emissions by 7.6 per cent each year. If we start 5 years after, the cut needed will steepen to 15.5 per cent each year. Every day we delay, the more extreme, difficult and expensive the cuts become.

Source:  UNEP Emissions Gap Report 2019