V’air Hong Kong is an environmental education organization. Created by university students in 2015, they became aware of the adverse impacts of air travel, specifically as it relates to per capita greenhouse gas emissions. Its serious impact on Hong Kong’s carbon footprint led V’air to promote local tourism as the solution. Thus, the organisation aims to combat climate change through four pillars: local travel, public education, youth empowerment and policy advocacy.

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Civil Sector & Individuals
Encouraging local tourism and a low-carbon lifestyle(On-going)
By organising activities such as workshops and local tours, V’air hopes to promote local tourism and its economic benefits. This helps local residents and the government understand the potential for local tourism in Hong Kong. Programmes at V'air also try to enhance knowledge of Hong Kong’s rich natural and cultural resources.
V’air organises expeditions such as trips to Ma Shi Chau island and tours to the Lung Fu Shan Environmental Education Centre. V’Air also educates the public on nature conservation, introducing concepts such as biomimicry, which applies nature-based solutions to societal challenges. They organise events and exhibitions such as DIY workshops on leaf rubbing and the recent launch of their Hong Kong Youth for Climate Action Conference, the first of its kind in Hong Kong (V’air, 2020).
  • Air travel in Hong Kong produces around 1.44 tones of CO2 per capita (Southgate, 2013). To reduce its environmental impacts, V’Air aims to advocate for local tourism in Hong Kong’s (V’air, 2020)
  • V’air also encourages youth empowerment and policy advocacy through youth environmental platforms and a summer internship program