“Soulistic is a vegan brand inspired by our Chef Owner’s personal story.

They focus on education and promoting the experience of plant-based food that is sourced locally and created with health at its core. Presently, they have evolved into a vegan tuck shop that caters to the health-conscious crowd, creating whole-food plant-based food and using local organic produce sourced straight from the farm.”

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Making whole-food plant-based diet mainstream(On-going)
With a sustainable business model in mind, Soulistic strives to deliver the taste of Hong Kong-grown produce to their customers while changing their perceptions of a plant-based diet – one that is visually pleasing, delicious and comforting.
"Since 2018, Soulistic’s Chef Owner, Tiffany, started collaborating with a social enterprise, baking school, vegan pastry chef, and nutritionist to share the new perspective of vegan diets. After establishing Soulistic in 2019, they continued collaborations to promote a healthy, plant-based diet. These projects include: Vegan private dinner event - collaboration with Grow Something HK, local farm/consultancy (2020). Kale Chip product launch with Common Farms HK (2020). HSBC Virtual Open House - sharing how the right diet can transform your health, body, mind and soul (2020). TEDxCivic Exchange - Think Local, Think Green - Homegrown Success Stories across Businesses & Communities (2020). Soul Festive Christmas/CNY Collection with Bowrington Concept, HK Sourdough Club and Full Bloom HK. Supporting small businesses with similar visions and beliefs (2020). Since the launching of their first product in July 2020, around 20 other products have followed - all original recipes created in-house. These items include snacks that can either be served on its own or incorporated into dishes, whether sweet or savory. They also create their own fermented products such as kimchi, kombucha and dairy-free yogurt. Recently, they launched more low GI index sweet items such as vegan chocolate and spread, targeting customers who need special care. Finally, Soulistic runs a mini vegetable garden in Taipo, growing fresh ingredients for private events and products. They also source from a few local farmers. Through products and catering, they have reached over 500+ customers and an audience of 1000."
  • Hong Kongers are one of the largest meat consumers in the world, with a daily per capita consumption rate of 664g per person. By reducing meat consumption, Hong Kongers can reduce the city’s GHG emissions by 43% (Yau et al, 2018).
  • Soulistic aims to promote the virtues of a whole-food plant-based diet and its low-carbon benefits. They also aim for a circular food cycle (see the picture below) and prove that sustainable practices are possible among small businesses.