Object Territories

Founded by Marcus Carter, Miranda Lee, and Michael Kokora, Object Territories is a critical design practice based in Hong Kong and New York that works at the intersection of architecture, landscape, and urbanism. They explore the spatial conditions between objects (buildings) and territories (landscapes) to develop intelligent forms and public spaces, while enhancing ecologies and improving biodiversity.

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Category Featured Image
Civil Sector & Individuals
Hong Kong Urban Futures(On-going)
Through integrating principles of architecture, landscape, and urbanism, OBJECT TERRITORIES aims to reimagine new spatial environments and conditions. In 2019, OBJECT TERRITORIES collaborated with Civic Exchange to design the new website, HK2050isNow.org, offering provocative before-after images to showcase what Hong Kong would look like if it was greener, more sustainable, and more livable.
In addition to their contribution to HK2050isnow.org, OBJECT TERRITORIES projects such as “CUT & SPILL [OVER] THE LOST ERIE CANAL” and “+STL GROWING AN URBAN MOSAIC” have won multiple international awards for their efforts in merging environmental protection with urban needs. They are currently fabricating a series of intertidal habitat objects for the reopening of the Tsuen Wan waterfront in Hong Kong.
  • Rapid high density development has left little room for public space in the urban realm
  • OBJECT TERRITORIES aims to foster collaborations with organizations to create masterplans and roadmaps for private and public clients
  • OBJECT TERRITORIES aims to integrate equitable public spaces and environmental strategies