Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Centre (EC)

HKUST Entrepreneurship Centre is the central unit at HKUST supporting student development by cultivating an entrepreneurial spirit and offering resources and support.

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Civil Sector & Individuals
TEDxCivic Exchange “Emerging Ideas Worth Spreading”(2020)
In collaboration with Civic Exchange and SUSTAIN HK, EC co-organised TEDxCivic Exchange, a speaking series as a part of COUNTDOWN: a global initiative by TED to champion and accelerate solutions to the climate crisis, turning ideas into action. EC Acting Director, Donny Siu, hosted the “Emerging Ideas Worth Spreading” series, introducing audiences to the concept of Green Entrepreneurship. He also nominated three student-run green startups to speak on TEDx inspiring youth locally and globally.
HKUST EC nurtures and incubates impact-driven startups with a focus on social impact and sustainability. This includes Breer, a venture which upcycles waste bread into beer, Planeteers, which produces edible cutlery, and ProjectJ, which turns e-waste into personalised items with added value. Under the mentorship and network of EC, student groups won numerous awards. Breer became a top eight finalist in JUMPSTARTER IdeaPOP!, while Planeteers won the Environment & Sustainability Prize under the One Million Entrepreneurship Competition.
  • EC strives to bring about a sustainable future through entrepreneurship.
  • EC aims to drive commercial, social and cultural impacts on and beyond the HKUST campus through nurturing start-ups.
  • EC also organizes activities and networking support to offer further exposure to ventures.
  • EC offers resources and advice to students and founders of startups to facilitate their growth and success in their entrepreneurship journey.
Breer: Turning food waste into craft beer(Founded in 2020)
Breer helps to alleviate food waste issues in Hong Kong by up-cycling leftovers from bakeries while reducing the cost of beer-making. Breer substitutes raw materials that are conventionally used for leftover bread, reducing waste in Hong Kong.
Breer upcycles bread loaves collected from local bakeries and supermarkets. Recent collaborations with Pizza Hut further expanded this to include uneaten pizza crusts. With these materials, Breer’s partnership with BlackKite Brewery helped the company produce lagers and pale ales, selling for around HK$20 per bottle. By 2020, Breer is estimated to have saved HK$75,000 in brewing costs as well as 9.2 tons of bread and 3 square kilometres of landfill space. In the future, a ‘Breer App’ aims to manage breweries, distribution partners, and bakeries. Sustainability scorecards, and an online shop are also planned to help increase the company’s loyalty programs.
  • In Hong Kong, food waste makes up the largest proportion of MSW disposal, with around 3,337 tons of food sent to landfills every day
  • As a local craft beer brancd, founded by students with thehelp of HKUST EC, Breer aims to address food waste in Hong Kong by introducing technologies that use leftover bread to brew premium-quality craft beer