22 Factor

22 Factor is an emerging designer brand that upcycles virgin yarn from the luxury fashion industry and utilizes innovative technology to craft premium, sustainable knitwear at lower costs.

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Waste-minimizing 3D Knitting technology(On-going)
22 Factor’s On-Demand 3D Knitting technology utilizes virtual sampling in contrast to the traditional design method and physical sampling process of trial-and-error. As a result, this simulation technology allows for a quicker and easier prototyping process, getting designers from sketch to sales in a stress-free, cost-effective, and zero-waste way. By using WHOLEGARMENT technology, a digitized knitting production system that allows for the knitwear to be produced in one go through a fully automated process, lower inventory costs and lead times are achieved, while minimizing any surplus waste generated in the process. Finally, by lowering the minimum order quantities (MOQ), 22 Factor promotes small-batch production, which avoids overproduction and deadstock waste.
Virtual sampling, along with the use of upcycled virgin yarn and WHOLEGARMET technology, enables a zero-waste approach to fashion as the production of clothing scraps is minimized. Small to medium-sized designers benefit from 22 Factor’s use of virtual sampling, which streamlines the design-to-market process, reducing lead times by 92%.
  • Waste created by the industry is predicted to increase by 60% between 2015 and 2030.
  • Through upcycling, 22 Factor aims to help companies achieve a zero-waste production.
  • 22 Factor aims to become a zero-waste brand that relies on innovative technology systems that can revolutionize the fashion industry.
Made-to-Order Mood-Boosting Capsule(On-going)
22 Factor’s Mood Boosting Capsule utilizes a digital workflow cycle to produce 100% upcycled sweaters. The collection functions on a made-to-order basis; rather than having a set inventory amount for the entire collection, customers pre-order their desired styles which are then sent into production. This made-to-order system eliminates the risk of manufacturing excess deadstock which typically ends up in landfills. Rather than following a traditional product development cycle, 22 Factor’s Mood Boosting Capsule uses virtual sampling which allows their designers to create digital versions of their garments before sending them to the factory for production. This reduces the need to produce multiple physical samples of a single style, which is often discarded after use.
Improper inventory management not only leads to huge economical losses for brands, but more importantly, can amount to large volumes of waste that is eventually sent to landfills. By implementing a made-to-order system, 22 Factor hopes to minimize the risk of accumulating deadstock by only producing exactly what customers want and need.
  • The textile industry generates 4% of the world’s waste annually.
  • To tackle the issue of excess inventory and unused fabrics, 22 Factor’s Made-to-Order Capsule hopes to eliminate any deadstock waste by only producing exactly what customers need.