#Climate Urgency

On 25 September, Civic Exchange and World Resource Institute shared insights and discussed key issues from their latest research report “Towards a Better Hong Kong – Pathways to net zero carbon emissions by 2050” with Secretary for the Environment Wong Kam Sing, Undersecretary Tse Chin Wan and further team members from the Environmental Bureau (ENB) and the Environmental Protection Department (EPD).

We emphasized the importance of the Government stepping up it’s efforts in building an ambitious vision and a concrete roadmap to decarbonize Hong Kong by 2050, especially in light of China’s recent landmark commitment to achieve carbon neutrality for the entire country by 2060.

In our brief, we highlighted that Hong Kong is in a good position to take up a leading role, and expanded on the opportunities for concrete policy actions in the three key sectors which are critical to the city’s decarbonization: power generation, mobility and building energy efficiency. Furthermore, we stressed that the city needs faster progress in reducing waste and making material use more circular.

In response to our key messages and recommendations, the Secretary outlined the Government’s plans and considerations on updating and expanding its decarbonization roadmap, the upcoming roadmap on electric vehicles, and its contribution to regional collaborative efforts to transform the Greater Bay Area (GBA) into a ‘Global Forerunner’ region.

Civic Exchange appreciates the opportunity for a thoroughly engaging and fruitful discussion. We will continue to closely liaise with the Hong Kong Government, its Bureaus and its Departments on pivotal issues and likewise will actively engage with and bring together further stakeholders across the society and economy to move Hong Kong into a brighter, decarbonized future.