(Video in Cantonese only)
“Youth Reacts” is a three-part awareness campaign HK’s newest climate commitments. This week, we focus on energy with our former intern Jamie Chan and 11-year-old climate activist Lance Lau. Next week will be an English-based discussion about Waste, and the last installment will be on mobility. Here’s a quick recap of what Jamie and Lance said:
– HK’s 2050 Climate Neutrality Goal
“I feel like HK should be a little more ambitious [with its climate goals]…as a rich city, we should be doing more.” – Lance
– Does promoting electric vehicles help our environment?
“Our roads are incredibly congested because of private cars…[encouraging Electric Vehicles won’t help that.] Instead, we should be focusing on electrifying our public transport.” – Jamie
– How can HK transition to renewable energy?
“Green hydrogen definitely will play a huge role in HK’s decarbonization journey.” – Lance
“HK’s renewable energy capacity is too small…Instead, the public should be more welcoming of incinerators, or waste-to-energy facilities.” – Jamie