TEDxCivic Exchange – #OurTIMEIsNOWforClimateAction 氣候變化相關網上研討會
#交通運輸, #廢物, #建築物能源效益, #氣候緊迫性, #消費與生活方式, #空氣質素, #綠色經濟, #綠色金融, #能源
活动日期: 10 10 月, 2020  To  10 11 月, 2020



About this Event

TEDxCountdown was a global event initiated by TED, aiming to promote practical actions through the exchange of ideas, advocating and accelerating solutions to the climate crisis. Civic Exchange has one of the three local branch licenses in Hong Kong.

Through a series of video lectures, panel discussions and case studies, TEDxCivic Exchange introduced community leaders in the Hong Kong climate movement, hoping to become a platform for policy makers, businesses, and civil society to meet and initiate Hong Kong’s move towards low carbon. Our theme was “Our Time Is Now for Climate Action”, as we must start a COUNTDOWN for a better future.


Mission statement – ​​#OURTIMEISNOW

The IPCC has urged we not exceed 1.5°C of warming above pre-industrial levels globally. As of 2019, we are at 1.1 degrees. We need a green and just transition for our society, and we need it now. ​Therefore, we need a collective vision for a green recovery and ambitious action to achieve this in HK and beyond. ​


Event Rundown and Recap



Civic Exchange is an independent public policy think tank in Hong Kong. Utilizing research and dialogue with different stakeholders, it aims to provide empirical research for policies to address Hong Kong’s environmental challenges. HongKong2050IsNow was established as an initiative to support Hong Kong’s progress towards carbon neutrality.

SUSTAINHK is the environmental branch of Global Shapers Hong Kong Hub, aiming to enhance Hong Kong’s awareness of environmental issues and promote climate action by business and private companies.

HKUST Entrepreneurship Center was originally established in 1999 under the name of “Entrepreneurship Program”. It supports the innovative, enterprise and adventurous spirit of HKUST by organizing activities and providing funds to nurture next-generation entrepreneurs.